Happy holidays & keep up the spirit in 2021

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2020 was a year that put us with both feet on the ground. It started with so much splendour and suddenly everything came to a standstill… Working from home, no school, a few shops open. If we are to believe the ‘Wise Men’, we and the economy will soon recover. Will this year soon be forgotten? I can hardly imagine.

Fortunately, the year has also brought good things. Attention to each other, no rushing into traffic. However, of course there are also many people for whom this time of year, in private and/or business, is also a cause for great concern.

At HPP, we are going to end this year with a good feeling. We have learned an incredible amount from our participants. We have been happy with your contribution and therefore we would like to thank you.

For 2021, we choose a positive approach and a leitmotif, thanks to one of the HPP participants, for the challenging year ahead of us:

Keep up the spirit

Enjoy the holidays and let’s start 2021 in good health.

Kind regards,

Christa Thijssen