HPP about building above the railway

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Daan Klaase: “Building at the most accessible place and the need for more greenery in the city are reasons to seriously consider the possibilities above the railway tracks.”

In addition, real estate prices are currently so good that it is quite possible to build above the railway line. These expensive square metres are also selling. However, the past few years have shown that stations in the Netherlands have grown enormously and continue to do so. The interest in public transport and the functions surrounding it continue to grow, and with it the challenge of building good infrastructure.

How do you ensure that the various transport options have a place at and around the station? And how do you ensure a good supply of goods for the shopkeepers? These are all issues that are particularly challenging when working above the tracks. Last Thursday, we discussed the various advantages and disadvantages with aldermen and several market parties. Daan Klaase (Manager Plan Development NS Stations) and Daan Zandbelt (Partner Urban Designer at De Zwarte Hond & vh. Chief Government Advisor on the Physical Environment) both shed light on the subject and the joint conclusion was that a station will always remain in motion. So if you want to build around or above the tracks, you shouldn’t be afraid of having to break them down again in the future.

This meeting was the fifth meeting on the development of station locations. More information about the previous meetings can be found here:

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