Kadans Science Partner focuses on bringing people together to overcome global challenges.

Across Europe, we have built a network of clients, partner organisations, and innovative minds, active in Life Sciences & Health, Food, Energy & Digital Economy. All determined to find solutions to the global challenges we face today. All determined to make a difference.

Therefore, we invest, develop and operate specialised assets to complement science clusters across Europe. These are not just standard workspaces. We create environments in which scientific organisations can thrive. Specialised assets that are curated to suit your needs and support future growth.

Within each specialised asset and wider science cluster you’ll find organisations of all sizes, which can help you scale or support you as you need. Whether you need access to talent, research, or capital, we can connect you with the right people, in the right organisation.

Representatives at the HPP stand

Michel Leemhuis

CEO Kadans Science Partner



Chiel van Dijen
Commercial Director and Managing Director Kadans Netherlands



Joost van de Rakt

Technical Director Kadans Science Partner



Markus Scheja

Managing Director Kadans Germany



Jochen Schmitges
Senior Development Manager



Ilias Sarros

Senior Project Manager



Frederike Krinke-Häusler

Real Estate Analyst



Kadans Science Partner
Rijksweg 5
5076 PB Haaren
The Netherlands
+31(0)411 625 625


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