Student Experience is expanding its portfolio with an international student hotel in Amsterdam

  General news

Student Experience has officially started today with the construction of Student Experience International Amsterdam (SEI Amsterdam) at the Moermanskkade in Minervahaven in Amsterdam. SEI Amsterdam is an “extended-stay” facility with 600 hotel rooms for (foreign) students, researchers and PhD students, who are enrolled at one of the universities in Amsterdam, for a minimum of one week to a maximum of one year.

SEI Amsterdam is the fourth student complex from Student Experience in Amsterdam and expands its portfolio to a total of 2.300 student apartments and hotel rooms in Amsterdam.

Johan Verweij, CEO and founder of Student Experience: Student Experience focuses on extended stay with this location. We have a broad experience in offering apartments for students, but we are asked almost daily if we also offer apartments for shorter than a year. SEI Amsterdam wants to meet the wishes of the international student, who come to Amsterdam for masterclasses, post graduate courses, summer courses etc. and seek temporary housing. SEI Amsterdam is for the academic community. We offer a unique and distinctive concept in the Netherlands with this location.

SEI Amsterdam will be the most sustainable student hotel in the world. The complex will be constructed BREEAM-excellent, hereby sustainability is an important aspect. To meet the sustainability requirements a special façade material will be used that has never been applied in the Netherlands before with integrated sun panels, a thermal energy storage will be applied and a part of the roof surface will be designed as a “green roof”.

SEI Amsterdam
SEI Amsterdam is a sustainable, safe and innovative building with a multifunctional ground floor. The rooms variate from 21 to 45 m2 and have a kitchenette. The location offers a variety of facilities, a lounge with cosy sit corners, television and a game corner. The private dining room can be used to cook and have dinner with family and friends. In the study areas you can study alone or with company. There  is a washing room where you can do your own laundry. For the sportive guests on the roof there is a sports field and on the ground floor a fitness area. Flexible areas will be created where students can study and for companies to use for meetings. In the plinth of the building there is room for public catering establishments and business space for, for example start-ups. In the public restaurant there will be enough space to meet up, to study or to work together. The complex will provide an important contribution to the livelihood, safety and diversity of the neighbourhood.

SEI Amsterdam is expected to open its doors in the second half of 2020.

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