Welcome Jeroen Westgeest to HPP-Y-GEN



We would like to officially welcome Jeroen Westgeest to the HPP-Y-GEN Community. As a representative of Arcadis, he will join this community of next-generation decision-makers, to build on the growth and innovation of our industry.

Jeroen: “I felt really welcome at the first introduction to HPP-Y-GEN last year and established already some new valuable relationships. It is a nice environment to talk about current trends in real estate and what I really like is that there is a broad discussion about the future of real estate too.

Recently I have been starting an extra role as a commercial sparring partner for our structural design department. I’m particularly curious about your vision for the future of structural engineering. I hope to have some interesting discussions about that topic with you but above all looking forward to meeting you all soon! ”

Read more about the HPP-Y-GEN community on our website.