In the clock tower… Harry van Zandwijk

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[In Nederlands]

In the Netherlands we look back on a turbulent month of March. The elections attracted millions of people to the polls and the results once again show a diverse coloured landscape. Will there be the political revolution that decision-maker Harry van Zandwijk (CEO Jan Snel) predicted?

In January he took a seat in the bell tower of Capital C and looked ahead to the year 2021, in particular to the month of March. His hope is that the construction world can benefit from the shifts in politics. Harry: ‘We need new impulses so more can be built and we can make up the shortfall of houses.

His message to the real estate sector is therefore: ‘Engage fully with politicians to drive the construction of new homes’.

At the head of modular industrial construction company Jan Snel, he is one of the major drivers of new homes in the Netherlands, which are built using an innovative and modular construction method. With their approach, they build efficiently and productively under controlled conditions in their own factory halls. A modern approach that, according to them, delivers time savings of 30 to 50 percent and halves the CO2 emissions per project.

The takeover of Jan Snel by the Japanese billion dollar company Daiwa House Group shows Jan Snel’s will to continue to grow and to dominate Europe in the field of modular construction. Harry: ‘At the end of 2021 I will tell my people that they have worked extremely hard to put Jan Snel on the map in Europe and how proud I am of that’.

Regarding the cooperation with Holland Property Plaza, Harry sees great opportunities to discuss matters with other real estate parties at the strategic level and to get in touch with politicians.

Harry: ‘HPP is very important to Jan Snel. As far as I am concerned HPP is the best network in the real estate sector.