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Wiggert Karreman pleads for real estate with impact. He gets the most energy from projects that add something to the environment and are meaningful to the user. It is clear that we have to incorporate the lessons from covid to achieve a healthier work-life balance. Wiggert: “We are a commercial company, so commerce is our motivation. However, I do not want us to be blinded by this, but also have an eye for people and the environment. We want to add value to real estate and to the city.

Wiggert Karreman is Managing Director at APF International, an independent property fund manager, investment manager for institutional investors (whether or not in joint ventures) and developer of real estate with special and innovative concepts. Investing in homes and offices in the most pleasant living environment is of great importance to APF International. They take care of the realisation and management. Wiggert: “We combine many disciplines. We think not only about real estate in stones or technology but also about financing, (re)positioning, structuring and impact. By thinking differently, we identify opportunities and create added value. Preferably in a fun way, with great people.”

“Commercialism is our incentive, but I also want us to have an eye for people and the environment. We want to add value to property and to the city.”

Renewal in Utrecht
Two projects in which APF International is bringing renewal to the city of Utrecht are the Muntgebouw and Central Park. Both buildings will be places to work, meet and stay, but both in their own unique style. The Munt building, for example, as a national monument, will be given a new lease of life to give its history a new meaning for the ‘Utrechter’. In complete contrast, a little further on, the Central Park development took place, a new office building located at Utrecht Central Station in the new ‘Central Business District’, fully BREEAM certified and with a unique city park at a height of 45 metres.

Brake on development plans
Wiggert: “After the completion of spectacular projects like these, you want to carry on in high spirits, but that’s precisely where the big challenge lies. The municipalities simply don’t have the capacity. This puts a brake on good development plans. And not only that, the builders are also short of hands and materials. Everyone is waiting at the gate…”.

“The municipalities simply lack the capacity. This is putting the brakes on great development plans.”

Searching for answers together
In order to find solutions, Wiggert believes that we in the real estate sector need to come out of our own cocoon and look for answers together. Wiggert finds contact with other parties at Holland Property Plaza. Wiggert: “HPP has the right mix of parties sitting at the table to discuss these kinds of urgent and broad themes. The HPP network is also of personal interest to me. Christa Thijssen (Director of HPP) knows the people in the network personally and is able to make very valuable connections.”



At the beginning of the year 2021, we invited a few of our decision-makers in the clock tower of Capital C Amsterdam to share their wishes and predictions for the year 2021. Every month we highlight one of them. Last month in the clock tower we heard more about the story of Marlies Zwols (OZ architects).  Watch the full video below.



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