How can we jointly speed up the lead time of new construction projects?

  General news, HPP-REDA
by Christa Thijssen

Director HPP

The indications given by participants in the HPP Online Meeting last week were clear: we are likely to find ourselves facing a major problem in the near future should project progress stagnate, not only owing to the possible lack of resources or people, but above all if plan preparation comes to a standstill, meaning no new projects will be launched. How can we prevent this from happening? Or should we rather look at the cause… How can we jointly speed up the lead time of new construction projects?

Many HPP members encounter problems in the plan preparation process, owing to time consuming procedures and contentious regulations. The average time of getting a project to market is 7 to 10 years. This has to speed up!

But the question remains: “how?

All participants in the meeting agreed on a collective approach. Firstly, we should initiate new projects and adapt plans with due consideration of this new era concerning, for example, altered mobility patterns. Secondly, we should align the plans with all parties concerned, and even with investors. All parties have to have a common goal. Municipalities should also be involved from the outset in terms of how the market is likely to react. This will entail “making plans together in the future”, and undoubtedly making use of the financial aid the government has offered for the initiation of projects.

The outcome of this meeting was the pressing question: “How can we jointly speed up the lead time of new construction projects?” We will pose this question to the Ministry and take the lead if necessary.

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