Vos de Boer & Partners new member of HPP-REDA Community

  General news, HPP-REDA


Ronald van den Hil and Monique Vos-de Boer of Vos de Boer & Partners signed up for a membership of HPP-REDA, the community for developers and consultants, at the end of 2021. Given their work in the initiation phase of real estate and area development projects, they are a valuable addition to this community.

As former members of the former HPP-C&I community, they are familiar with the network. Ronald: “Over the past few years, HPP has built up a solid network of enterprising, driven and curious people, which fits in well with Vos de Boer & Partners. This results in matching topics, organisations and market issues where we would like to present ourselves and be involved in. Outside of HPP meetings, we also maintain contacts with other members which lead to collaborations and assignments.”

Vos de Boer & Partners works both for the government and for the market and therefore has a broad view of development issues in its projects and also has a large and diverse network. Vos De Boer & Partners specialises in identifying development opportunities and then keeping the right processes going in order to bring about a development project. In the last two years in particular, she has gained experience in complex area developments or parts thereof, in which she has had to deal with a wide range of stakeholders.

In addition to acting as owners of Vos de Boer & Partner for HPP-REDA, Ronald & Monique will also nominate a ‘next generation desicion-maker’ from their organisation for HPP-Y-GEN. Ronald: “It is nice to be able to offer our younger colleagues their ‘own’ network environment within HPP-Y-GEN. This offers them the opportunity to build up an interesting, broad and strategic network and to discuss the real estate sector on an equal level”.

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