The Terraced Towers | BESIX Nederland & OZ



It promises to be a spectacular addition to the Rotterdam skyline: the Terraced Tower on the Boompjes. The building was designed by OZ on behalf of First Sponsor Group Limited from Singapore and the developer Provast. BESIX Nederland has been entrusted with the realization of this complex structure. The whole concept of the residential tower has been reinvented here. Instead of developing the umpteenth “iconic” building, the focus here is on the quality of living of each resident. The wealth of housing typologies is in line with the municipality’s desire to differentiate the housing supply in a high-rise form in the city of Rotterdam. Different target groups can shape their own housing requirements here. Therefore the theme of the tower is “stacked individual happiness”. The tower will connect with the public space of the city in several ways. On the downtown side there will be space for greenery and terraces, whereas on the river side with a plinth there is ample space for a restaurant or cafe, for example. Both OZ and BESIX, members of the HPP-Community, are perfectly suited for this project. It’s a complex and challenging location with a special program, where parties work closely together and share knowledge to make the project a success.