Green light for development of World Food Center Ede

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HPP-REDA member De Zwarte Hond is working on the transformation of the former Maurits-Zuid military barracks site into the World Food Center Ede. Earlier this year, the Ede city council unanimously approved the strategic plan for the area. The realization of this vibrant new urban district that celebrates the world of food can now truly begin. The development of building plans for the first offices and homes is well underway.

The site occupies a strategic location, situated in the heart of the so-called Foodvalley region, besides Ede-Wageningen railway station, bordering the Veluwe National Park and close to the Ginkel Heath, a nature reserve. An ideal place for living, working and leisure, this new urban district forms a second hub for Ede, together with the existing city centre. De Zwarte Hond worked together with the municipality of Ede and the developers WFC Development to draft the strategic plan. Led by Jeroen de Willigen, the team also designed urban plans for selected parts of the site.

De Zwarte Hond has recognized the potential of this unique site early on. Already in 2011, the office researched the further development of Ede-Wageningen as a connecting knowledge hub in the Foodvalley region. The telling motto of this research: Connect and meet.