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Five months ago, HPP decision-maker Paul Trip was already gloating at the idea of the fantastic summer ahead. ‘June 2021 will be the start of the roaring 20s. A summer full of fun and a great European Football Championship. I’m looking forward to it.’ He took his seat in the clock tower of Capital C in January and shared with us his thoughts on life, entrepreneurship and his wishes for the real estate industry. Watch the video here.

Paul Trip is managing director at MRP, a Dutch real estate developer and investor with 1.5 million square meters of real estate throughout the Netherlands. The corona period has brought acceleration to put MRP’s ambition – Turning stones into Milestones – into practice. The introduction in 2020 of a new flexible working concept in MRP Flex Offices is an example of this. MRP and NORNORM have joined forces to create a flexible work solution in which optimal adaptability is central. Paul:

‘If you’re in business and there’s disruption to the economy, you need to be really quick on your feet. You need to come up with smart ideas and do business in different ways. That is what MRP is good at and I am really proud of that’.

His wish for 2021 is that, after a time of ups and downs, we can bring back peace in society with, among other things, strategic choices from The Hague. In January already, he called for a new (female) Minister of Housing. Paul:

‘I hope with all my heart that the central government will do what it takes to get a lot more housing construction going.’

MRP is also working hard on new-build developments and stimulating social returns. These include the construction of the S-West apartment complexes at Strijp-S in Eindhoven, which will be completed shortly, and the development of 252 mid-range rental homes in the AMST project in Amsterdam. Within these projects, MRP is working together with various HPP members and Paul would like to continue this collaboration within the HPP Community. Paul:

‘HPP is a wonderful network for substantive discussions with fellow investors in a small setting. And not only in terms of content, it’s also very sociable’.

This last statement is typical of Paul, who has proven his knowledge, entrepreneurial spirit and sociability on several occasions at HPP meetings. Last January, while raising his glass, he made a beautiful prediction from the clock tower: “I hope that this summer we can hold the cup in our hands and honour Amsterdam as a true soccer city. And of course, we at HPP hope so too, cheers!


Next month in the clock tower, we’ll hear more from decision-maker Tessa Flantua (Central Government Real Estate Agency) and her vision for the real estate industry in 2021. Did you miss the story of decision-maker Ralph Mamadeus (Change=)? Read his story here. 


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