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It was a turbulent time for Sander Dekker and his colleagues at Cordeel. Not only did they have to be innovative to continue working safely on the building site, they were also forced to switch gears constantly due to the worldwide increase in material prices. Yet there was also time and space to look to the future. Sander: “We have embarked on a path towards a more sustainable future, not only in our production process, but also in the well-being of our people”.

Sander Dekker is Chief Commercial Officer of Cordeel Netherlands, an independent (development) builder with branches in Belgium, the Netherlands, Bulgaria and Serbia. Their objective is to reduce CO2 emissions as quickly as possible and they are striving for a zero-emission building site by 2024/2025. Sander: “We have our own production facilities and see opportunities for sustainable acceleration through vertical integration, i.e. better coordination of the various processes.”

Building more sustainably
Besides building faster, they are also investigating how they can build more sustainably. As a result of the acquisition of Imtech in 2015, they have the resources and expertise to experiment with climate-neutral and circular materials and building processes. Having this knowledge and expertise in-house is the strength of the Cordeel family business, according to Sander:

“We have always invested in people, their expertise and their well-being. That is our most valuable asset.”

Valuable partner
The objectives of Cordeel in the field of sustainability fit in well with the focus points of among others the companies, multinationals and governments they work for. Sander:

“Sooner or later we will all have to build CO2-proof and by investing fully in this we are not only setting a good example, but we are also a valuable partner to work together with clients on sustainability.”

Cooperation with HPP members
A collaboration that Sander is very happy about is the Boompjes project in Rotterdam where Cordeel, together with HPP members APF International (developer) and Amvest (client), is building two prominent residential towers with a view of the Erasmus Bridge. Sander: “A great example of people meeting each other, understanding each other and finding a solution together. And an example that typifies the HPP network; a good balance of parties and people who work according to the same values and at the same decision-making level.”



At the beginning of the year 2021, we invited a few of our decision-makers in the clock tower of Capital C Amsterdam to share their wishes and predictions for the year 2021. Every month we highlight one of them. Last month in the clock tower we heard more about the story of Tessa Flantua (Central Government Real Estate Agency).  Watch the full video below.



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