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Six months ago Tessa Flantua looked ahead to the challenges we face as a country regarding housing and climate. ‘I hope that we can make a good contribution to the housing challenge and create a place for our vulnerable target groups’. But, she emphasizes, the government cannot do this alone. Good cooperation with market parties is essential to achieve the (social) goals.

Tessa Flantua is head of the Sales & Area Projects department at the Central Government Real Estate Agency, responsible for managing and maintaining the largest and most diverse property portfolio in the Netherlands. In addition to selling real estate, the Central Government Real Estate Agency is also committed to area development projects in order to stimulate value creation in the surrounding area.

As a government party, Tessa sees the importance of their coordinating and initiating role. They play the pioneering role in various projects, for example when it comes to connecting building owners to make buildings energy-neutral in the long term.

‘What we can do now in the field of sustainability compared to ten years ago is bizarre. However, we need to create mass to implement everything we can’.

The challenges she sees in the real estate sector are mainly organizational. She argues that we should not remain stuck in our own interests but think in terms of common interests in order to fulfill the needs and goals of the region. She considers the cooperation with market parties to be indispensable and she is a member of Holland Property Plaza because of the unique and informal way in which HPP brings together public and market parties.

Cooperation in all areas and careful handling of all real estate positions is very important to her.

‘As a government we have to take good care of the Netherlands and especially the vulnerable groups in our society such as disadvantaged youth, asylum seekers and migrant workers.’

Her personal wish is to house them in a good way and to give them opportunities in employment, among other things.

In January she expressed the hope that in July we can look forward a little more, celebrate successes and work together more live. She suggested the idea of a drink on the beach and we were only too happy to implement that idea. We will be toasting the beginning of summer and the live reunion of the members of our community on the beach of Zandvoort this afternoon. Cheers!



At the beginning of the year 2021, we invited a few of our decision-makers in the clock tower of Capital C Amsterdam to share their wishes and predictions for the year 2021. Every month we highlight one of them. Last month in the clock tower we heard more about the story of Paul Trip (MRP).  Watch the full video below.



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