The usefulness and necessity of good ventilation in schools

  General news, HPP-REDA
by Jeroen Hateboer

Director Stichting Pioneering & Member Expertteam Woningbouw Rijksdienst

Holland Property Plaza & Stichting Pioneering, together organized an online meeting in which we discussed the usefulness and necessity of good ventilation in schools.

Three inspiring presentations provided insight into the problems and possible short and long term solutions. The usefulness of good ventilation was more than demonstrated and requires action! For example, the acceleration of the national program “fresh schools” with additional Covid-19 measures. Hugo Jansen (Deerns) presented a system developed by them to quickly visualize data about classrooms. The presentations by Marc Meerder (HOMIJ Technische Installaties) and Michel ten Hag (ten Hag) showed that it is not a problem from a technical point of view either.

The participating municipalities made it clear to us that they will support where possible, but that the responsibility rests with the educational boards.

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