Welcome Gert-Jan Hof, let’s go for result!

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Photo: Gert-Jan Hof signing for a HPP membership with HPP chairman Wienke Bodewes

It is always nice to reunite with old friends at HPP. Welcome back Gert-Jan Hof, this time with a personal membership with 123-Resultaat. Gert-Jan will be joining HPP-REDA, our community for developers and advisors. With his network, experience and knowledge, he will be a valuable addition to this community.

Gert-Jan works from 123-Resultaat as a proactive business developer for real estate, innovation and organisational issues in the construction and real estate sector. The last few years he has been particularly active in the full width of real estate development and he brings projects to results from acquisition to investment deal/asset management. This includes supervision and implementation of concept development and financing issues, but also trouble-shooting with VVE/residents/municipalities.

Gert-Jan: “In my work, the ‘real’ contacts with people are pleasant and of great importance. That’s why I enjoy being a member of HPP: the combination of a relaxed and strong knowledge and content-driven network.

I strongly believe in being open to each other and sharing knowledge and insights to find opportunities and solutions. This is where real results are created for all parties.

Moreover, I like to use my network, knowledge, experience and creativity to help companies and people further. “The proof of the pudding is in the eating, so ask your question…and maybe we can work together.”

We hope to introduce you to Gert-Jan during one of our upcoming events. You can already get in contact with him via our app.

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