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Welcome to our new HPP member Woonzorg Nederland

  General news, HPP-PUBLIC

We are happy to announce that Woonzorg Nederland will from now on participate in the HPP-PUBLIC community. Woonzorg Nederland is a national social housing corporation and is committed to almost 45,000 seniors and people with a care requirement and is market leader in senior living (clustered housing) and health care real estate (nursing homes).

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Vos de Boer & Partners new member of HPP-REDA Community

  General news, HPP-REDA

Ronald van den Hil and Monique Vos-de Boer of Vos de Boer & Partners signed up for a membership of HPP-REDA, the community for developers and consultants, at the end of 2021. Given their work in the initiation phase of real estate and area development projects, they are a valuable addition to this community. As former members of the former HPP-C&I community, they are familiar with the network.

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