Holland Property Plaza

Holland Property Plaza (Foundation Holland Property Plaza - HPP) brings together national real estate companies from the public and private sectors and promotes the Netherlands’ favourable business and investment climate among multinational companies. In addition, Holland Property Plaza is dedicated to promoting international development partnerships and ...


HPP Community

The Holland Property Plaza Community is a professional business relations network for all HPP trade fair participants , public bodies (municipality/province), foreign investors and Friends of HPP (business relations and sponsors involved in HPP) and aims to strengthen the circle of relations of Holland Property Plaza (HPP) and tighten the bond between these... 


Holland Property Bike

Holland Property Bike is a yearly cycling event within the annual networking programme of Holland Property Plaza. Started in 2012, we are now preparing for the 6th edition of this cycling event for European amateur cyclists, active in leading positions in the real estate sector. On June the 15th 2017 the next edition of the HPBike Tour will start in Apeldoorn.



The NVA (Dutch Real Estate Society) based in Amsterdam is a network of outstanding professionals within different disciplines in the real estate industry in the Netherlands. The NVA, with around 65 members, organizes 6 network meetings a year. Since 2014 the NVA is incorporated in the Holland Property Plaza community network ... 


PT Finance, established in 1999, mainly provides support in the area of financial and business control on an interim or project basis, especially with expertise in the fields of real estate and area development, and facilities. Our projects vary from residential developments to business parks, and from expansion locations to restructuring projects. Our clientele includes medium-sized to large investors, developers, housing corporations, and governments.

For projects in which multiple parties are involved, we take on the independent role of financial advisor. Given our long-standing practical experience with these types of long-term projects, we are increasingly involved in the development of these types of partnerships. This includes aspects related to legal set-up, rate ability, financing, and workable financial agreements. We also do this for German investors with legal entities and objects in The Netherlands, amongst others.

In addition, we have further developed ourselves as an integral facility expert in development and management of hospitality and service organisations. Project-based deployment and consultancy, as well as the (private) care sector have increasingly become important parts of our activities in the domain of facility management.


PT Finance  
P.O. Box 4308, 5004 JH Tilburg
Kapitein Hatterasstraat 23B
5015 BB Tilburg
The Netherlands

Email: rob.verhoeff@ptfinance.nl

Phone: +31 (0)13 460 90 10



  • Daniël Mutsaers AADaniël Mutsaers AA
  • Rob Verhoeff RARob Verhoeff RA

Hercuton – Total Provider of Company Premises

Hercuton specializes in the integrated design and construction of sustainable company premises using prefabricated concrete. We’re an innovative, full-service organization that takes on full responsibility for the entire construction process.

Unique Turnkey Construction Method

Are you looking for a turnkey solution? A solution that gives you the freedom to incorporate your own architect’s ideas or to collaborate with us and form a construction partnership? A total solution that takes care of everything from site selection and preliminary design to ready-to-use premises and post-completion follow-up? Our buildings help you maintain your competitive advantage in terms of sustainability, cost savings, efficiency, maintenance, aesthetics and value retention.

Hercuton B.V.


Touwslager 2, 5253 RK Nieuwkuijk
The Netherlands
Telephone number +31 (0)88 205 34 00
Fax number +31 (0)88 205 34 99
Email: info@hercuton.jajo.com
Website: www.hercuton.com

Cordeel specialises in new buildings, renovation and maintenance in the Netherlands in the following sectors:

  • Offices
  • Industrial buildings
  • Non-residential constructions
  • Civil and hydraulic engineering
  • Commercial properties
  • Housing (construction), apartments

We have operated as an autonomous construction company throughout the Netherlands since the 1980s. This is carried out from our headquarters in Zwijndrecht and our offices in Vlissingen and Roermond. Cordeel Nederland is a subsidiary of the Cordeel Group. An independent family owned business with a history which goes back to 1934. Our team of more than 140 highly qualified employees combined with up-to-date equipment generates €100 million in turnover yearly.

We always seek custom solutions for our customers. We also make use of our own design and engineering department and production facilities.

Cordeel is your partner for a variety of cooperative ventures: classical construction contracts, cooperative construction teams and complete design & build projects. We work closely with architects and advisors in many fields.

We are your Partner for the Future!

Cordeel Nederland B.V.
Mr Sander Dekker

Cordeel Nederland B.V.
Lindtsedijk 22
3336 LE Zwijndrecht
Phone: +31 (0)78 625 5100
Email: info.nl@cordeel.eu

Website: www.cordeel.eu

About Change=

Change= is a full service social real estate development and property management company, creating a better world, overcoming societal challenges and solving social problems for transition groups like students, working youngsters, single-parent families and the elderly, by providing state-of-the-art single-household apartments within the urban tissue while deploying its ‘living-as-a-service’ property management strategy.


Societies are transforming towards global communities by means of the internet. This transformation results in a change of traditional domestic boundaries through the global reach of the internet. Traditional local markets are becoming global markets, creating economies of scale. Societal gaps are formed by increasing differences between rich and poor, ethnicity, age, educational levels, etc. These growing gaps cause societal challenges that are globally recognizable. Change= engages real estate to facilitate its Living-as-a-Service concept towards the creation of future perspective and support for transition groups.


The general attitude toward assets is shifting from ownership towards availability and use. We closely work together with our strategic partners such as Phillips, Cisco, Samsung, and enable them to offer their services directly to the end user. Affordability is one of the key success elements of the Living-as-a-Service concept, resulting  in a significant increase in attainability of suitable housing as well as a substantial gain in buying power. As a result, future perspective is created. Work, Live, Learn, Life, Care and Safety are all elements that are conceptually integrated in the residential solutions that we create for our Change=  communities. Real estate will fulfill a new role in the future and will take a new place in the value chain as a facilitating platform making it possible to create affordable housing while increasing the standard of quality and sustainability of buildings.

  • Ralph Mamadeus – CEO Change=Ralph Mamadeus – CEO Change=

Contact information:

Phone : +31 (0) 88 126 9380

E-mail: info@change-is.com 

Website: www.change-is.com 



The annual growing car-park industry suffers from a flexibility limitation that reduces the efficiency.  If we summarize our way of thinking and doing, then we have to the following enough: smarter, more beautiful, more economical and sustainable building.

Innovation is our starting point. At MPC FlexParking it is therefore synonymous with optimal. We go for the highest and best possible. It means that you know what is now possible and how it can be even better. Build smarter, means already what tomorrow is needed. Now think about your and our future.

With the knowledge of the aircraft and automotive industry in mind we created with proven materials our parking concept. As a result, several potential solutions have been developed over the years. While potential solutions slightly increase the efficiency, they simultaneously introduce reliability and quality problems into the overall car park system. In recent years, the regulations tobuild new car-parks has tremendously increased, thus multiplying the need for improvement. Consequently, a new breakthrough solution is needed.


Our flagship product, “MPC FlexParking”, is a new and unique lightweight flexible car park system that completely solves today’s construction limitation. The MPC FlexParking solution enables to work at much higher efficiency rates than current car-parks under the same conditions. In addition, the MPC FlexParking solution costs less through (rest value of used construction materials), enables generation of higher quality, and is more reliable and flexible than other potential solutions. MPC FlexParking is based on several unique patents that could also have commercial potential in other fields, such as construction industries.


MPC FlexParking product has the potential to upgrade both new and existing car parks.  In each of these growing sectors, MPC FlexParking innovative product can significantly increase performance and create multi-million euro value to parking owners and manufacturers. Furthermore, MPC FlexParking efficiency enhancement may also enable new structures in marginal locations.


From its official inception in 2009, MPC FlexParking has focused primarily on R&D and business development activities. In addition, the company has developed an IP strategy and filed several patents which cover key elements of its unique technology. MPC FlexParking was initially funded by FCM Venture Partners.


MPC FlexParking Ltd.  
17d Achthovenerweg
2153 AX Leiderdorp
The Netherlands

Email: fmeulenkamp@mpcflexparking.com

Phone: +31 715312516

Fax:+31 71531 7444



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Going Dutch Development (GDD) founded in 2015 by Paul Trip and Eric Röling, real estate professionals with a shared vision on their profession.

GDD is specialized in developing real estate for third parties. Our challenge is to combine expertises and aim for realistic real estate solutions.

Solutions that are highly appropriate: for our client, the investor, users and all other parties involved in the project.



Eric Röling
Paul Trip

Going Dutch Development BV

Hertenlaan 28, Den Dolder

Phone: Eric +31 (0)653 36 00 91
Phone: Paul +31 (0)654 37 11 13

Email: info@goingdutchdevelopment.nl

Link: www.goingdutchdevelopment.nl


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