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Holland Property Plaza (Foundation Holland Property Plaza - HPP) brings together national real estate companies from the public and private sectors and promotes the Netherlands’ favourable business and investment climate among multinational companies. In addition, Holland Property Plaza is dedicated to promoting international development partnerships and ...


HPP Community

The Holland Property Plaza Community is a professional business relations network for all HPP trade fair participants , public bodies (municipality/province), foreign investors and Friends of HPP (business relations and sponsors involved in HPP) and aims to strengthen the circle of relations of Holland Property Plaza (HPP) and tighten the bond between these... 


Holland Property Bike

Holland Property Bike is a yearly cycling event within the annual networking programme of Holland Property Plaza. Started in 2012, we are now preparing for the 6th edition of this cycling event for European amateur cyclists, active in leading positions in the real estate sector. On June the 15th 2017 the next edition of the HPBike Tour will start in Apeldoorn.



The NVA (Dutch Real Estate Society) based in Amsterdam is a network of outstanding professionals within different disciplines in the real estate industry in the Netherlands. The NVA, with around 65 members, organizes 6 network meetings a year. Since 2014 the NVA is incorporated in the Holland Property Plaza community network ... 


Christa Thijssen, director/founder HPP
Christa Thijssen
director/founder HPP

The new year has started, a year in which we celebrate 10 years of Holland Property Plaza.

HPP has every intention of organising a wide variety of captivating events and meetings for you in 2017, which we shall undertake with the same passion demonstrated by us throughout the 10 years of our existence.

Central in this year’s events will be the theme Urbanisation, with a particular focus on national and international growth and development.

Our main objective is to connect and integrate networks, both nationally and internationally.

As always, we ask you to actively think along with us and to provide input.

In order to ensure your much appreciated participation, please find here the dates you should reserve in 2017.

Wienke Bodewes, Chairman of the board of NEPROM
Wienke Bodewes
Chairman of the board
of Holland Proparty Plaza,
CEO of Amvest

Although we faced some exceptional events in the last month of 2015 and in the first half of this year, confidence is still strong in the Netherlands. We have seen economic growth as well as a steady increase in new jobs. So far, the influence of Brexit on the Dutch economy is not visible.

The positive sentiment in the residential market in 2015 even advanced in 2016. House sales is now on the same level as in the best pre-crisis years and is still increasing.

The number of new-build homes and units built in transformed industrial areas and office buildings stepped up since 2015. Yet, the demand grew a lot faster.

The shortage we noticed in the Amsterdam and Utrecht regions is spreading rapidly over the rest of the Netherlands. As a result sales prices have risen above the estimated level.

A debate is taking place on how to increase the number of building sites to fulfil the growing demand. So it is not hard to predict that house prices and home rental levels will keep on rising.

The residential rental market shows rising rent levels and very low vacancy rates. Not only in the very strong market regions.

Both Dutch and foreign institutional investors show a growing appetite for residential portfolios. We see a growth in the capital queue and an increase in new contracted housing stock acquisitions by these investors.

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HPP (Net)working and talking together.

Christa Thijssen, director/founder HPP
Christa Thijssen
director/founder HPP

‘Working’ together, ‘net’working together, and especially ‘talking’ to each other.

2016 has so far been characterised by a strong recovery in our sector, not just within our borders, but in other European countries surrounding us as well.

Deals are again being made, projects are under development, and investors and property developers, both domestic and foreign, once again see opportunities. The speed at which deals are being reached can be scary at times,

seeing that they slowly but inevitable lead to a changed market, one that is dominated by demand due to very limited supply, especially in big cities.  Naturally, not all vacant offices or stores can be transformed into living accommodation, nor should they be. But transformation can in some cases be the best solution, seeing that it draws newly designated buildings and their occupants back into a much desired circular economy. Many players are therefore put under considerable pressure to not miss out on domestic and foreign investors.

But aren’t we forgetting something?

Everyone talks about ‘sustainability’, but our sector is not particularly inclined to invest in sustainable relationships. Despite the fact that major foreign investors have been active in the Netherlands for many years, we often have to conclude that we do not really know them, and that playing the occasional round of golf does not really constitute a sustainable relationship. The EU, supposedly a “collaboration” between countries, and the “communications” with their respective constituencies lay bare what happens if there is a general lack of sustainability and transparency. The apparent lack of believing and investing in long-term relationships can easily lead to events such as the recent ‘Brexit’ and intense discussions between the various Member States.

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